The 5 best motorcycles to drive in the city for this 2021

It is a reality that in large cities traffic is increasingly complicated. Moving by car can take longer and there is less and less space to circulate. These are some of the reasons why the motorcycle market has expanded notably and if we add to that that buying a motorcycle is cheaper than buying a car, even more so.

The first place in sales is occupied by motorcycles from 111 to 135 cc with 20,311 registered license plates and a market share of 39%, the second place is occupied by motorcycles between 0 to 111 cc with 14,716 units and a share of 28.3% of the market and finally the 136 to 150 cc motorcycles with 4,426 license plates and a market share of 8.5%.

Having a motorcycle today is not only a good option for mobility but also after facing a pandemic such as COVID 19, we think more than twice to use public transport, so many probably feel safer moving on a motorcycle, due to because they are not exposed to being around other people.

The above added to the advantages offered by this means of transport, such as being an economical, agile, and fast option, make it an excellent alternative for 2021. And since we are entering the final stretch of the year, it is inevitable to think about what that will bring us next year and how we would like to transport ourselves. That’s why we tell you We tell you which are the best motorcycles for the city.

Not all bikes are for everything!

There are many types of motorcycles and not all of them are suitable for large populations. Although you can use them all, there are motorcycles that will not give you the service you really want. And it is not the same as a motorcycle to travel or a low cylinder, to say a few examples and the use for which they are intended is different from each other.

Therefore, it is necessary to ask yourself what characteristics you should take into account when choosing a city motorcycle:

  • The first thing is to think about the use that you are going to give the motorcycle if it is daily or sporadic. You also have to assess whether you will normally move alone or with someone.
  • It is also important whether or not you have experience in riding a motorcycle. For example, scooters are easier to ride and perhaps more appropriate for the novice biker.
  • Take the weather into account, especially if it is a city where it rains frequently, some motorcycles offer more protection due to the position of the feet.
  • Check the distance you will travel every day since it is not the same to move alone in the city or on a highway.
  • The rest has to do with its economic and aesthetic alternatives.

Now, it is time for us to go to the important thing, which is the top of the best 5 motorcycles to move around the city:

5. Scooters

This motorcycle is ideal for those who want to start using this means of transport and it is also in the first place of the best motorcycles for the city for several reasons.

They are easy to use, automatic, small-wheeled, and generally lightweight. You only have to accelerate and brake, so they are a very good option to accommodate traffic and be able to pay more attention to everything that happens. They also have a very useful space under the seat to store the helmet or anything else.

In addition, due to their structure, they allow protecting the body from cold temperatures and water. You can choose between some low displacement (up to 100 ccs), something medium (between 100 ccs and 200 ccs), and the fastest and strongest of more than 200 ccs.

4. Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

Let’s start by highlighting that Bajaj is the leading brand in the market in Colombia with a 23.6% share; in second place are Yamaha motorcycles with an 18.4% share, and Honda obtained 16.7%;

The NS 200 are very good for the city as they combine a rugged but very sophisticated appearance. In addition, their performance stands out since they are neither very slow nor very fast, and best of all they choose to prioritize low fuel consumption at all costs.

3. Honda CB190R 2019

Honda’s CB family motorcycles have always stood out for their quality and power and let us remember that they are in the third best-selling place in Colombia.

They are ideal for the city since they have a cylinder capacity of 184.4cc and a power of 15.7 Hp / 8,000 rpm, this motorcycle is positioned as an excellent option for the city due to its electronic injection system, which allows acceleration in low and very balanced consumption of 24 kilometers per liter, very similar to that of a 150 cc motorcycle.

Its innovative design makes it very attractive and futuristic. And best of all, it has suspensions and breaks from its Japanese creators.


GIXXER 150 Double Disc | Suzuki Motor de Colombia SA

The Suzuki Gixxer is powered by a 155cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine, boasts excellent performance and better fuel efficiency.

Its performance in the city is excellent, as its good momentum from scratch is an advantage in traffic situations. It is very agile and at the same time safe, especially to avoid vehicles and turns.

Although her style and posture are sporty, she is not at all uncomfortable. The slightly sloping handlebar allows for a very natural arm posture and the tank offers comfort when riding for hours.

1. Yamaha XTZ125

The YAMAHA XTZ 125 has an excellent design and a lot of comforts, it integrates power and appearance in the same model, that is why it is a very good option to use it on all types of roads.

This bike is prepared to move agilely around the city as well as to cover difficult terrain with greater comfort, thanks to its motocross rear suspension.

In conclusion, before choosing your motorcycle for the city, take into account its characteristics and above all what is the use that you are going to give it, so that it really adjusts to your needs and you can enjoy your city on a good motorcycle, especially safe.

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