The best electric motorcycles of 2021

We have been hearing for years that the mobility of the future will be electric. But when it comes to motorcycles, that future is already present. For this reason, we analyze the best electric motorcycles according to your user profile.
More than 50 models, from brands with some implantation, now constitute the supply of electric motorcycles in the Spanish market. You have everything from mopeds of less than € 2,000 to authentic high-level sports bikes of more than € 30,000. But not all of them are suitable for everyone: some will be more suitable for you than others. If you want to start in the world of electric motorcycles, we give you the keys to make your choice right and what you should know before getting into it. In addition, we indicate the best options according to each type of user.

Urban driver

Users who do not leave the city and need agile, flexible, and comfortable transport, without having fixed points of departure or destination. Depending on the model, they are driven with a moped license, car, or motorcycle license. Here are our three favorite electric city bikes.

Silence S01

Price: 6,250 euros
Autonomy: 100 kilometers

The S01 is the electric scooter that has served as the basis for the Seat MÓ and, therefore, shares characteristics. It has a removable battery with an interesting handle system and wheels that extend when you take it out to charge it more easily. It is carried with a car license, it has a real autonomy of about 100 km with a maximum speed of 100 km / h.

Niu MQI + Sport

Price: 2,099 euros
Autonomy: 65 kilometers

A scooter with a moped plate, equivalent to a 50cc, brings advantages. One of the best is the Niu, which within a wide range has this MQi + Sport. At a price similar to a gasoline scooter, you have a motorcycle that moves at 45 km / h with around 60 km of real range.

OX Motorcycle OX One

Price: 5,200 euros
Autonomy: 100 kilometers

The One is an original motorcycle in case you want something different. Manufactured by a new Spanish brand, it is their first product and uses retro-style bodywork. Of course, it equips an 8 kW electric mechanic (comparable to a 125 cc thermal motorcycle) that promises a recharge in just two hours, 110 km / h of top speed, and 100 km of autonomy.

2. Commuter driver

It is about a user who enters and leaves the city every day. You need more autonomy and benefits. Thus, you need a motorcycle or scooter with a higher top speed and a greater range of action that, in general, will be driven with a car license.

Super Soco TC Max

Price: 4,545 euros
Autonomy: More than 100 kilometers

Automatic, without gearbox, homologated as a 125 cc and with similar performance, this motorcycle is capable of reaching 110 km / h and achieving real autonomies of more than 100 km. It is an original and comfortable motorcycle to use, with a removable battery placed in the false tank, which charges in about 4 hours … and, most interestingly, the price is similar to that of an average 125 cc.

Rieju Nuuk Urban / Tracker 8.5 KW

Price: 6,985 euros
Autonomy: 120 kilometers

A vehicle halfway between a motorcycle and a scooter, with an 8 kW engine and lithium batteries with a capacity for about 120 km of real autonomy, up to 115 km / h. It charges in 5 hours from any socket and, as an option, it can be ordered with a 1.2-hour fast charger. The Urban version has asphalt wheels and the Tracker, mixed tires.

Pursang e-Track

Price: 15,700 euros
Autonomy: 120 kilometers

A motorcycle inspired by the American Dirt Track and with the mythical name of the classic Bultaco dirt bikes … with which it has nothing to do. This Spanish motorcycle, which you can take with a car license, offers carbon bodywork, an 11 kW engine, a top speed of 120 km / h, and a range of up to 120 km.

3. To enjoy leisure

The motorcycle has always been synonymous with leisure. And there are already very interesting electric models designed for it but at a high price. These are fast motorcycles, effective in curves and with a certain autonomy to be able to hit the road. They drive with a car license.

Harley Davidson Livewire

Price: 33,700 euros
Autonomy: 150 kilometers

An electric naked with sporty behavior and performance, with little to do with the brand’s classic custom. Showa suspensions, tactile electric panel, 105 hp with a torque of 116 Nm and recharges in 10 hours from a normal plug… for a real autonomy of about 150 km of pure enjoyment on the road.

Energica Ego

Price: 19,664 euros
Autonomy: Up to 200 kilometers

The street version of the Moto-e World Championship motorcycles is the Energica Ego, a high-level sports car. This is the faired version; somewhat cheaper you have the same bike in a naked variant (around € 16,000). Your data? Top speed of 240 km / h and a range of 130 km on the open road and up to 200 km in the city.

Zero SR / F

Price: 15,700 euros
Autonomy: Up to 320 kilometers

One of the latest models from Zero, the leader in electric motorcycles, is this SR / F: a naked 110 hp and a brutal torque of up to 190 Nm, which has a self-limited top speed of 200 km / h. It recharges in 2.5 hours and offers 259 km of autonomy in the city (with the Power Tank option, up to 320 km).

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