10 actions to prevent breast cancer in 2021

Discover 10 simple actions you can take today to prevent breast cancer. Remember that your health is in your hands!

With the fast pace of our lives, we often forget to take care of the most valuable thing we have: our own health.

Perhaps the pace of modern life has absorbed you to such an extent that you feel like you don’t have a minute to think about yourself. But today we want to remind you that you cannot make a better investment than in yourself. With these 10 simple actions to prevent breast cancer, you will also improve your overall health. Are you ready?

Eat a balanced diet

Doctors recommend that our diet be rich in vegetables, fruits, and vegetables. We must also consume healthy (or unsaturated) fats, which are present in foods such as avocado, almonds, salmon, and walnuts.

By sticking to these eating habits, we reduce the risk of breast cancer by around 30% compared to those who consume them sparingly, according to the Catalan Institute of Oncology.

Another recommendation is that we minimize or even eliminate the consumption of bad or saturated fats, present in foods such as butter. We can also reduce the intake of refined foods and sugars, as well as red meat, milk, and eggs.

This will prevent fat accumulation in our breast tissues, where cancer cells can be triggered.

Watch your weight

A balanced diet low in saturated fat will allow us to maintain our ideal weight, which is calculated according to height. This measure also allows us to control the accumulation of fat in our muscles, such as the breasts.

You should know that circulating hormones that induce tumors are housed and reproduced in fat. Therefore we must take care of our body fat indexes.

Do not forget to consult with a specialist before starting any diet to lose weight.


Another action that we can implement is to exercise at least one hour a day. The intensity will depend on the resistance and performance of each one of us.

You can start activating your body with walks or bike rides. To start a workout routine at home, you can find many options on social media. If you are very shy you never considered joining a dance class, this is the best time to do it from home!

Consume antioxidants

First, we must talk about free radicals, which are chemical compounds that have the ability to damage our cells if they are in high concentrations in our bodies.

On the other hand, antioxidants are substances that neutralize free radicals and thus prevent them from damaging us. Some studies suggest that consuming antioxidants may reduce our risk of developing cancer.

Antioxidants are present in fruits, vegetables, and cereals. Some foods rich in antioxidants are papaya, melon, carrot, mango, peach, bell pepper, grapefruit, tomato, purple cabbage, spinach, avocado, guava, seeds, and nuts.

Some types of tea, such as black tea and green tea, are rich in antioxidants.

Decrease alcohol consumption

Experts advise us not to ingest alcohol because in our blood it is transformed into acetaldehyde, a substance that irreversibly damages our DNA. It can even cause the uncontrolled production of cancer cells. In other words, alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer.

On the other hand, consuming alcohol increases estrogen production and other fees related to the development of breast cancer.

According to research, women who consume three or more alcoholic beverages a week have a 15% higher risk of breast cancer than those who do not consume alcohol. And this risk increases the more you consume per week.

Beware of these environmental factors

Solar radiation, environmental pollution, pesticides, and some synthetic fabrics can cause our bodies to produce cancer cells.

Of course, stay away from tobacco smoke, especially indoors, and don’t smoke.

Learn to manage stress

When we are exposed to high levels of stress, our body generates a hormone called cortisol. This can make our body vulnerable to disease.

Some studies have found that women who have been exposed to high levels of cortisol have a worse prognosis when developing breast cancer.

There are many methods for managing stress. But without a doubt, the first step is to analyze if your control of it is sufficient. If you notice that it is so high that it affects your daily life, or that it is too difficult for you to cope in these moments of a pandemic, it is time to consult a specialist.

Surround yourself with friends and family and openly discuss ways you can cope with stress together. Here we tell you practical ways to exercise self-love: you will feel great!

Consult your doctor about taking hormones

Many women consume hormones through medications such as pills to treat the symptoms of menopause or oral contraceptives. Most of these treatments contain estrogen. At high levels, estrogen increases our risk of breast cancer.

It should be noted that the last word has not been saying about the degree of affectation to which we are exposed to breast cancer when consuming hormones such as estrogen or a combination with progesterone. But when in doubt, we can consult our doctors about alternatives for our particular case.

Learn about vaccines

According to the Catalan Institute of Oncology, protecting ourselves from diseases such as hepatitis B with the implementation of vaccines reduces the risk of cancer cell production disorders in our bodies.

Other vaccines, such as the human papillomavirus vaccine in girls and women, protect against the development of cancer. Remember to consult your doctor about the best time to get vaccinated in your specific case.

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