10 tips for a healthy life

 these times of so much upheaval and stress for everything and everything, we forget, or better, we think that achieving a healthy life is only a thing of the rich or of those who have a lot of time to do activities that balance the mind, the body, and spirit. And it is precisely these three axes that allow us to achieve the balance of a calmer, happier, and healthier life of course.

I will share my 10 tips (proven… by me) to achieve a physical, emotional, and spiritual balance that allows us (or at least me) to live with fullness and serenity every moment of the day. Here they go:

1. Work on what you like and make you feel passionate 

It may sound cliché, but without a doubt, waking up with enthusiasm and motivation every morning to do what you love is the key to your healthy life. Not only because you will work motivated but because surely, that passion is directly proportional to the economic income. And there is no doubt that with a good income, life is a little more relaxed. Now, if even so, if you like what you do but it is not well paid, consider creating your own business, it is heavier at the beginning because you will do everything, but in the end, the reward is infinite. Even if you fail, you will continue to love what you do and that will lead you to seek other alternatives. Choose the job of your dreams, don’t let the job (or the need) choose you.

2. Eat healthily 

Again another cliché but this time, it is not only about enjoying a good dish but also about taking care of your heart and your body in general. This does not imply to stop sinning with one or another craving, but to balance your diet. This was difficult for me to understand at first about when it was not me who directly assumed my diet, in reality, my mother did it (: D) or the restaurant on duty. Since I started preparing my own dishes myself, everything has become more fun! As incredible as it sounds. I don’t know how to cook, I confess, but precisely that point I have put in my favor when preparing dishes. Salads, the great allies and you don’t need to be a chef, just know how to mix ingredients and that’s it. The hours and hours in the kitchen ended. Drink a lot of fluids, prefer natural drinks, and do not allow yourself to eat until full. If you can, grow your own garden at home.

3. Exercise 

The great purpose of many each year, that if the gym, that the coach, that I do not have time, etc, etc. It’s what we make the most excuses for. If there is no money to pay for exercising, better! You will be more resourceful and creative when it comes to training your body. With just a ball or a rope, you could do something in any park. The key in my case is not only motivation but finding other people to help you stay motivated. And if not, video game consoles help with some exercise at home like the Wii board or the Kinect, but there is nothing like the pure and free air that runs through the parks, along the bike path, or when you walk through your neighborhood. The important thing is that you allocate some time each day or week to do it. The results? Smile! That achieves each sport session, they feel more and more will to live. Out with laziness and do it!

4. Live close to work 

Sure, you can. I know that it is not quite so easy especially in big cities like the capital. However, do not think twice if you consider that: you can save time stuck in a traffic jam; what is saved can be balanced against the rent. You can sleep more !! Or dedicate more time to sports before going to the office, or, as I do, walking or cycling to work. You could make time for that book that you bought months ago and haven’t started reading it, anyway. Review tip 8 and think that in that time you save you could do what you postpone so much for the excuse of time. Seek the best for your life whenever you can, and living close to work is life. Kill multiple birds with one stone!

5. Share with friends and family

It will seem that it is more than obvious, but it has happened to you lately that a friend or a cousin invites you to a coffee or calls you to tell you how ungrateful you have been and you only answer – I have not had time. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us, however, if you evaluate it honestly … sometimes they are excuses because we spend our time dedicated to working, yes to work. If you were into something else they wouldn’t call you ungrateful. Planning your life very well, your routines, your time !! Surely you manage to share the happiness in the soul that is to speak, laugh, cry, dance, sing or simply, share moments, short or long, next to those who esteem and love you. Remember that these people are always there, until the end. Put on your agenda today to call an old friend, or visit a relative that you haven’t seen for a long time and you will notice how healthy it is.

6. Get enough sleep

Above all, it is a pleasure for those of us who are born sleepers. Good physical rest not only keeps us active but also balances our entire routine. If the night is not enough, do not hesitate to take a short nap in the afternoon to recharge your batteries and continue your day. Investing in a good mattress and a comfortable pillow is not a luxury, it is a must! And if the problem is sleep, as sometimes happens to me, a glass of wine, tea or meditation are good options. Buy an hour to go to bed and try to fulfill it as much as possible, your body will thank you.

7. Cultivate spirituality, in short, love!

Each one has his own higher Self to whom we confess our sins and tell him of our most intimate wishes and dreams. Well, connecting with that Being, you can call it Allah, Buddha, Universe, etc, I will call it God, is to cultivate the mind and spirit. That very personal encounter in silence allows you to return to your center and quiet your mind, balance yourself, rest your soul from so much external noise. This ultimately for me is loving, loving, loving others. This routine practice of meditating, praying, keeping quiet is the healthiest for your life and for those around you. Now, if you like to go to mass, go ahead. It is not a matter of religion, it is a matter of spirituality.

8. Have a hobby or leisure activity 

Whether it is painting, writing, reading, cooking, singing, listening to music, dancing, playing, swimming, traveling, etc, etc. Do it regularly and enjoy it! Give yourself time to get out of the routine by doing things other than what is done for long periods of time like work. It will allow you to concentrate and feed the adventurous, curious, creative spirit and that inner child that we all carry inside. Do not let that child lose and continue having fun in a hobby or simply dedicate yourself to pure leisure.

9. Recycle 

Recycle? Yes, Recycle! It will seem to you taken from the hair, but no. When we feel that we are doing something good or in favor of our environment or our planet, that rejoices the heart. Nobody would like to know that that bottle, paper, or wrap that we throw away has a useful life after use but we ruin it when we throw it in the wrong basket on the street in the worst-case scenario. Go ahead and recycle, it is a matter of habit and knowing how to do it.

10. Participate in a volunteer 

Finally, if you are one of those who likes to help others and give back to life what they have given you, a volunteer is a good optionFeel the joy of giving without expecting to receive and contact someone who needs help or your volunteering today. Not everything is money and not everything is waiting to receiveThere are many who do not have the luck to have health, food, shelter, or well-being, we are absolutely privileged to have what we have is what we are. There are those who life has not smiled so much on them. Or if you prefer, contribute your own happiness, that is already a great contribution to the world … but believe me that sharing it with others is even better. If you dare and you like my volunteer project, I invite you to GeekGirlslatam.org; We empower and inspire women agents of change through technology.

And like everything and as always, thank you for reading me, for sharing this article, for leaving a comment, or simply for considering that some of these words may be of use to you. A healthy life is possible with a will, desire and self-love. You have to give up vices, I’ve already stopped smoking.

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