10 tricks to be an effective mother

Therefore, the first step to being an effective mother is learning to accept and love yourself as you are. Do not impress anyone, as it is proven that mothers who do not try to impress and do not compete are happier.

This is what Meg Meeker affirms in her book “The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers” where she emphasizes that if all mothers could understand our true value as women and as mothers, our lives would never be the same again. We would wake up every morning excited for the new day that begins. However, to achieve this assessment it is necessary a bit of self-criticism and a good understanding of humility value ourselves.

10 tricks to be an effective mother

1. Strengthen your children’s self-esteem

Caring for children’s self-esteem must be one of the main pillars in education as it is a crucial point for the development of the little ones and the configuration of their personalities. An effective mother will not allow thoughts such as “no one loves me” or “I am good for nothing” to surface in her child’s mind. On the contrary, it will make you see all the qualities and virtues that you have, even if, at times, you have to scold him affectionately.

2. Your children are your priority

Many times it is difficult to combine work with family life. Do not miss the important dates. If it is your son’s birthday, if he is graduating or has a celebration at school, try to ask yourself off. The same at home. If your child needs help at home with homework, stop what you are doing for a moment and pay attention to the problem that has arisen.

3. Give them love

A child who receives hugs, kisses, and gestures of affection from his mother will make him also affectionate with his mother and have a greater facility to show his feelings and emotions with others.

4. Assure them protection

Protecting children is the main task of every mother. It has to cover all areas of your child’s life: offer them a good education, healthy foods, habits that improve their well-being * But we also have to ensure protection in other new areas such as the internet and everything it offers.

5. Play with them

Take time to play with your children. This way you will know what their tastes and preferences are. Children will feel loved and important because their mother is enjoying them. It is also important that you invest time in being with their friends and that you can see them interact.

6. Teach them

Teaching often implies correcting. Do it in a delicate way, with tact, so that the child understands that what is unacceptable is his behavior and not his own person.

7. Educate them on saving

It is important for children to understand that things are achieved with effort. Therefore, do not buy them everything they want, teach them to save money. Go with your child to choose the piggy bank that he likes the most. In it, he can put all the money that you and other people give him.

8. Love yourself

To love others you first have to love yourself. Love yourself as you are, with your flaws and your virtues. Stop and think about all the good qualities you have, which are many, and try to reinforce and work on those that cost you the most. A confident mother with high self-esteem has a greater chance of success and happiness.

9. Take care of good friends

It is important to have a good circle of friends with whom you can have fun and share what worries you. Many of them will surely be mothers too, so it can be an opportunity to exchange opinions and advice about the best way to educate children. Friends are a source of love and understanding, so mothers who have a good circle of friends feel happier.

10. Put fear and anxiety aside

One of the concerns of every mother is not to get to everything. There are many tasks to which you have to go and, sometimes, anguish and overwhelm arise. Given this, it is important that fear does not take over our reason and we ask ourselves a series of questions that help to demolish those fears. Setting a series of priorities and writing them down can also be a great help to control anxiety and know what to pay attention to first.

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