8 tips to help you be a better mom

All mothers do their best to be good mothers and even try to be cool, however, some do not manage to be very successful in this work and possibly it is due to carrying the role in a forced way. Everything is in the attitude, the way in which you face the day-to-day.

8 tips to be a better mom

Stop blaming yourself for not being able to achieve everything

That concept of the almighty mother, who achieves and achieves everything, is simply wrong. You know such a mom doesn’t exist, so why do you pretend to be? If there is a way to be a better mother, it is not by blaming yourself. On the contrary, keep trying to do your best, but without demanding more of yourself than you know you can give. Don’t hurt yourself if you fail at something.

Don’t be so rigid and strict

Being very strict in everything can generate a lot of stress. something that binds you and overwhelms you if you cannot comply with them.

For example, it is fine to instill a very healthy diet in your children, but indulging yourself from time to time is also fine. If you are strict about everything, you run the risk that they end up being that way too.

Like with your studies, don’t be rigid

Wanting your children to always be the best, to have the best grades, to know how to play instruments and do a thousand sports, is also quite stressful. If your child is good at math but not so good at English, you have to make him understand that it is possible that in one activity he will get a 10 but in the other a 5 or 6.

Striving is good, but so is knowing your child’s limits and capabilities. We are all better at some activities more than others; That is why it is positive to know what they do best to get the best out of themselves, that they are motivated, and channel their future there.

Stop pretending and living attentive to what others think

Have you ever felt the stress of pretending all the time? It’s okay to listen to advice, but you always have the last word. Don’t base your decisions on “what will others say”. Nobody is perfect and your children are not perfect either, so there is no need to experience any drama.

Do not compare yourself with others

It is common to see parents worried because their son and the neighbor’s son are the same age and it turns out that the neighbor does this, the other and the other thing and their son does not. And it not only applies to children but to comparing everything else, as with the mother next door who is always great and can with 5 children, home, her work and also gives her time to make homemade cakes without getting off her heels.

We all act and live our lives differently, with their rhythms and ups and downs. It is not good to compare or live wishing to have the life of the one next door, always live here and now.

Don’t give up on yourself

When you have a child, society recognizes you as a father or mother, but you as a person are still you: A unique person, with your tastes, hobbies, and interests. There is no need to give up everything you were before, it doesn’t make sense.

It helps a lot to enjoy an hour of training to distract yourself and be healthy and then have a great afternoon with your children. It can be any hobby, from walking to going to the hairdresser, reading a good book, going to yoga class, it all helps.

You can always set aside time and make sacrifices such as getting up early, they will make you have more hours to manage and to remind you that you also exist.

Do not neglect the relationship. It is a tremendous mistake not to reserve moments for both of you. From day to day at work, after taking care of the house, children, and homework, they leave a little time to talk, to look into each other’s eyes, to love each other a little. They should have at least one appointment a month.

Don’t give in on everything

Children are like a sponge, what they learn from a young age is difficult to correct. If your children do not ask you for things but demand them, be very careful. You have to set limits and know how to say no to certain things.

It is healthy for them to learn to ask for things “please”, to thank later, and, of course, to understand and assume that sometimes you cannot have everything that the whim indicates.

Spend quality time on them

Put away distractions such as the telephone or the TV and find time to read a story, to do a puzzle, to play, or to have dinner in a quiet way and talk about how the day has gone, what each one has done.

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