10 Business ideas with little investment and a lot of potential in 2021

Start a dropshipping

It may sound like science fiction but we promise that you can start e-commerce with no initial investment, zero euros! And that happens by creating a dropshipping because, obviously, buying stock, storing it, packaging it, and transporting it entails enormous expenses. But think about it, if on the contrary, it is the external supplier who stores and sends the inventory to the customers, you save that expense. It is also a very scalable business.

This way you will not need to manipulate the products, just manage the sales. Quick and cheap!

You can select the products of one or more suppliers by choosing a specific niche; running, jewelry or yoga for example. In this model, when a customer buys a product from you, the order reaches their supplier and they send it, although you will continue to be responsible for marketing and customer service.

The important thing when launching this business idea is to maintain a relationship of trust with suppliers, as poor service will have a direct impact on your brand’s reputation. To make sure, you can request a sample for yourself and check the quality of the service and the products in question.

If you want to be sure that it is a business idea with little or no investment, you can create your online store through Shopify, a simple application where you can design it without having computer knowledge. It is a paid application, but you have a 14-day trial. Take advantage of them!

Become an eBay Sales Assistant

Do you have experience as a seller? If so, this low investment business idea could make your dream of entrepreneurship come true. eBay allows you to earn money in ways other than selling your own products. And from home!

What we propose is the following: why don’t you dedicate yourself to selling someone else’s items, getting a commission for each product sold? In this way, the initial investment could be practically nil, since it would be your client who should acquire the inventory and your main asset would be your commercial skills, essential to achieve sales. These are the requirements that the platform demands in order to become a sales assistant:

  • Sell ​​at least four items in the last 30 days.
  • Exceed the score of 50 votes.
  • Have 97% positive votes.
  • Have no outstanding balances on your account.

Do you fulfill them? Well then you are ready to create a profile in the Directory of Sales Assistants and you can start promoting your services. You will soon get other sellers to contact you! Remember to agree on the details of your commission before starting work, as well as define who will pay the fees or commissions of the platform.

Write a book

If you have knowledge and creativity, the options are endless: novels, cookbooks, illustrations, photographs, poetry …

That’s why we wanted to include it in this list of business ideas with little investment, it seems like a good way to start.

Today they can be published on demand, a good way to jump into the pool and test the reception. Additionally, self-publishing also gives you control over the quality and appearance of your book.

If we have convinced you and you want to start, you can try to do it with Lulu xPress or Burb, one of the most popular platforms to create, order and distribute your books, both physical and digital. Although you can also do it through third parties, such as Amazon.

If you still want to reduce costs further, you can consider pre-sale or crowdfunding by presenting the idea of ​​your book, so you would not have to print them one by one and save costs by printing them in batches.

Import products

Globalization is making the world smaller and smaller and business opportunities for international trade are increasing. Ready to take advantage of this business idea with little investment? Importing products can be a good opportunity to create a profitable home-based business. I know it may sound ambitious, but with some details that you must take into account you can launch yourself into an undertaking:

  • Not just any product is worth: evaluate the acceptance of the article to the demand and the conditions of the market in which you want to operate.
  • Discard very bulky and heavy products: this way you avoid making imports more expensive and you will make the business idea profitable with little investment. In addition, this type of product requires large storage.
  • Attention to products related to food and health: they can be exposed to certain really rigorous standards and controls.
  • Focus on few suppliers: this will reduce the time invested in managing the supply chain and have more time to focus on selling and developing your project.

And if you think that finding suppliers can be mission impossible, you forget that digital transformation can bring us even closer to them. Depending on the country or area in which you plan to import, you can use platforms such as Alibaba, the world’s largest B2B portal where you can find thousands of suppliers from different Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, India or Malaysia, or HKTDC.com, a much smaller portal specialized in suppliers based in Hong Kong, with a long tradition of interaction with the West. Anyway, if you decide to focus on European suppliers, which can reduce waiting time and fees, we do not know if there is an exclusive B2B portal (if you know it please tell us in the comments), but with a quick Google search, you can easily find directories of European wholesalers.

Sell ​​craft items

In this business idea with little investment, the development of the product is literally in your hands: soaps, candles, ceramics, jewelry … Yes, selling artisan articles requires you to control the management of shipments and inventory but, to begin with, you can sell your products on Etsy or eBay. You’d be surprised how many people started out like this and are now small business owners where they work full time.

Sell ​​a service

How can it not be a business idea with little investment if, when selling a service, your time is the inventory? Do you have a skill that is in demand and can be useful to others? Think about it, here are some ideas:

Consulting services

Did you acquire this knowledge when you were working for someone else? Well, the time has come to take advantage of this training, the experience, and the contacts that you have achieved throughout your working life and put them at the service of your new project.

In this sense, since you are the only consultant for your brand, don’t be obsessed with working with large companies, as it is difficult to compete with a large consultancy. Perhaps the best thing is that you become a personalized advisor for SMEs. And to save those initial costs, assess if you need an office and if it can be replaced by your home or a coworking with meeting rooms and other infrastructures.

Offers private lessons to boys and girls

Do you feel that you have the knowledge for it? This is a clear example of a business idea that requires little investment since you can provide your services from your home or that of your students. Reinforcement of maths, languages, classes to learn to play an instrument, drawing … Does any of them suit your knowledge?

Personal trainer

In the same way as in private classes, if you have the knowledge and training in the field of physical health, it may be the idea you are looking for to undertake with little investment. You can make yourself known through the internet, through social networks, and on a website. If you dare, you can specialize in a specific niche: athletes of a certain discipline, rehabilitation, preparation for childbirth, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You can develop your activity outdoors or at your clients’ homes.

Event photography

The initial investment for this business idea consists of audiovisual material if you don’t already have it. If you have knowledge about photography this could be an opportunity for you.

We recommend that you create a good portfolio that shows your talent and creativity so get down to work and take photos of all those celebrations you attend. Flickr or Pinterest could be the candidate networks to advertise your work.

Service digital marketing

Once again, if you have the necessary knowledge, you could offer different companies and organizations your services to optimize their digital strategies. In this business idea, it is super important that you work on your personal brand to attract potential clients. A good way to do this is by creating a blog or a YouTube channel where you create quality content that, in addition to reflecting that you have mastered the subject, will capture the interest of your target.
Yes, the digital transformation has in many cases made it possible to take advantage of the potential of the Internet to undertake quickly and profitably without large initial investments. In fact, if you look at it, in many cases this investment is reduced to tools such as a computer or a mobile phone.

However, if you want to take advantage of the full potential of these business ideas, what you will have to invest is time and effort, since getting a significant client portfolio is not an easy task.

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