20 profitable business ideas with minimal investment Trend 2021

If you have not yet started a business, whether physical or online, it is time to do so; The trends point towards 2021 with better possibilities for entrepreneurs with these business ideas.

Today we have a series of tools that allow us to move towards achieving our goals, so we cannot lose heart in our attempt.

Some of these ideas could involve an online business model due to the issue of the pandemic, in fact, it has accelerated the growth of many companies towards the digital field.

But we cannot rule out other types of businesses or innovative or traditional business models, since apparently, this stage will not last for long.

It is important to take into account that before starting a business, we must determine if there is demand for what we want to provide, a good market study is essential to begin the adventure of the undertaking.

We share these 20 profitable business ideas with a minimal investment with a trend of 2021

1. A blog to sell

The idea of ​​a blog is not only to create valuable content to attract traffic and try to monetize with some tools such as AdSense.

Much better if your blog is dedicated to selling online in three fundamental areas:

  • As a consultant or coaching
  • Your own products (eCommerce or SaaS).
  • Someone else’s products (affiliate marketing or ads).

With a blog, you can sell all of this from a website and make the most money from any online business idea out there.

The most important thing is to learn to write as a company and not as a simple subject that we are passionate about.

To start your blog, what better way than to host it on good hosting. Our recommendation: Hostinger, which has significant discounts so that you can start your work with minimal investment and very easily. In addition, using the discount code ” negociostart ” You get a higher rebate. Make up your mind today.

Another highly recommended hosting is HostGator, also with great discounts and benefits to start your business today.


2. Custom printed products

This is an e-commerce option through which you could create a brand and sell personalized products such as t-shirts, mugs, stickers, bags, and more.

Remember that there are many websites that take care of the logistics for you.

For example, Teespring, which offers a risk-free solution for you to run your commerce business, this company takes care of practically everything from marketing, production, fulfillment, and customer service, thus facilitating electronic commerce.

3. Graphic designer specialized in the Internet

Today there are a large number of medium and small companies that do not need to invest huge amounts of money to promote themselves on the internet or directly on social networks, hence it could be a niche market with high profitability because you could offer your services to boost their brands on a low budget.

For this, you can use online software that makes your work easier, they are much less complicated, less stressful and yet they are still professional and with a final product that will impact.

For example Canva, Crello, Fotor, DesigCap.

4. Advice to small businesses

When it comes to small businesses, it is important to know that at least 75% fail in less than two years, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA), due to many factors.

For this reason, it is essential to be able to start a consulting firm that is dedicated to advising small businesses in order to lead them to the achievement of their objectives.

The promotion of this type of service, obviously, you can develop it online, it is one of the most important tools at the moment to emerge with your project.

5. Phone cases or cases

Since almost everyone has a smartphone, covers for these types of terminals are one of the best-selling mobile phone accessories.

As a result, some mobile case sellers can earn a 6- or 7-figure income by selling a high volume of these products.

But do not settle for acquiring or producing simple cell phone cases or those that almost everyone has, look for something different, original; put your creative touch on it.

6. Advice for travel companies

While there don’t seem to be a lot of travel jobs, it’s still a lucrative industry. Perhaps most travel agents have left their jobs, people are now seeking help managing their Airbnb listings, for example, and increasing their vacation rental income.

It takes a lot of marketing skills to help owners increase their reservation rates. Airbnb and VRBO bookings won’t happen without visibility, professional photography, and helpful customer service.

You could create a website, accompanied by accounts on Facebook and Instagram to promote your business and connect with people who want to increase their rental income. When you develop a strong client base, you can also collaborate with travel agencies to achieve exclusive offers for your clients.

7. Data analysis as a business idea

Online businesses must be data-driven to make important decisions. If you are good at calculating numbers and have enough knowledge of digital marketing, this business is for you.

Remember that you have at hand many tools that help you in this regard, such as Google Analytics or Tableau, in short.

The data analyst industry also offers good pay for full-time jobs. An average data analyst makes about $ 60,000 per year.

8. Wellness coach

The Fitness concept and the line of physical and mental health care are on the rise, but if you add one more value to that, that is, comprehensive well-being, you will have as a result a wide source of profitability with a business like these.

With a lot of temporary gym closings and social distancing, it can be beneficial to start a fitness business from home, through an online service, or by starting your own fitness blog to share tips and position yourself as an authority on your niche.

9. Cybersecurity software for SMEs

If you know about web development and want to keep hackers at bay, then creating software to protect the online account of small businesses is also a good business to start.

Consumers would like their online accounts to be safe and secure while transacting online.

Retail and online banking businesses are among those in need of such protection. There are other ways that consumers communicate with online retailers, which makes this a good industry to start a business.

10. Bicycle services and sales

This is a trend where people today are becoming more health-conscious and making lifestyle changes.

The need for greener alternatives is also gaining ground.

Why not start a bicycle service, rental, or sale business to promote a better form of sustainability and at the same time people can exercise, so the benefits are not long in coming.

Financially, anything that is healthy is good business. Aside from manually operated bikes, electric bikes are also good options for cyclists.

11. Gourmet Cafeteria as a business idea

If you’ve heard the word gourmet coffee, it applies to coffee shops, baristas, or coffee lovers. And it is not exactly an ordinary coffee, these types of coffee shops can make a difference when it comes to attracting customers.

But it is not only the fact of setting up a cafeteria, you can rent specialized machines in this type of product to place them in different strategic places in order to provide coverage that allows you to obtain greater profits.

Enjoying a good coffee is one of the most common traditions in most cultures around the world.

12. Business services

There are several products that could be marketed to companies that need support in this regard. The last thing the staff of a company wants is to waste time contacting and requesting the services or products they require for their work.

It is essential to provide the necessary facilities, especially for companies that are starting.

You could provide computer services and sales, stationery providers, full business printing services, SaaS application solutions, in short, there is a long list.

13. Personalized question and answer forum

Various question and answer forums are too generalized and ambiguous in nature so that a reader can be easily distracted by numerous topics. It can be fun when you surf the internet and come across bland answers, but very counterproductive if you’re trying to do proper research.

The solution to this problem is an opportunity for you to start your own business, host a personalized question-and-answer forum.

For example, if you are a fashion fanatic, you can start a forum where only fashion is discussed. This way, you will get a niche audience base and they can get a concentrated platform for their interests.

You will even get better returns with ad models because you are providing a rich audience base that promises a higher participation rate in ad campaigns.

14. Digital medical health apps

According to a study by Global Market Insights, in the first quarter of 2020, venture capital investments for digital health startups accounted for $ 3.1 billion, which was about 1.5 times more compared to the first quarter. of 2019.

Furthermore, the report predicted that the size of the digital health market is projected to exceed $ 639.4 billion by 2026.

The creation of mobile applications for different medical services, such as medical consultations, physical therapy, prescriptions, nursing, care for the elderly, laboratory tests, among others, is a trend that is gaining momentum for 2021.

One way to start a digital healthcare business is by creating a cloud-based healthcare system or SaaS solutions for clinics and hospital chains.

15. App for eCommerce or eCommerce

The question that arises from this business idea that is in trend: Why spend a fortune buying, furnishing, and setting up a supermarket, if you can make many more sales through an application that replaces traditional purchases in shopping centers?

If you are looking for the most profitable web application idea in the world, this may be the solution.

The approach is simple; provides an application-based platform where buyers and sellers can meet and negotiate; You will get a commission for each deal made through your eCommerce application.

Over the next five years, the industry will grow further, according to predictions.

16. Business incubator

A business incubator is a business that helps startups, startups or new businesses accelerate their success and growth. They generally provide support in segments such as management, training, physical offices, capital, consultancies, and expansion of the network of contacts.

Incubators are often sponsored by different types of organizations, such as private companies, government economic development agencies, and universities.

You don’t have to think too much – a small local incubator may be the perfect place to start.

17. Computer, software, and maintenance agency

Do not see this job as a simple computer technician, without detracting from anyone, but always think big and with prices that fit the needs of your future clients.

Why not create an agency to provide maintenance and repair of computers, software supplies, updates, and even advice for good management of the computer or terminal.

There is a large percentage of users who do not know how to keep their computer in good condition, therefore, shortly after acquiring it they begin to have problems, there is the business opportunity.

18. E-Learning Platform

It might sound like something too difficult to set up or, that you would have to hire the services of a web developer to do it. Not at all! Installing an E-Learning platform is now easier than ever.

With just a few clicks on one of the best content managers in the world and you have your platform ready to upload content.

You can use the best website builder in the world and you will get a platform of the highest quality, reliability, and results.

Now, what you have to do is coordinate with the right people to create courses and simply put the videos on your system and start earning.

One of the easiest, most convenient, and most in-demand platforms in this regard is LearnDash, the online course system created by e-learning experts.

With LearnDash, you are in control when selling your courses online. You choose the pricing model, the top sale offers, the reminder notifications and you will be able to see immediate results, as described on their website.

19. Online event planner

Not everyone has the skills to go online and organize important events. The new normal has exposed the imperative of many companies and the general public to plan meetings or business appointments for various purposes, but they are not always successful in coordination.

An event planner uses his organizational skills to run an event like a wedding, a trade show, business appointments, whatever.

For this task, you also have important online tools that will allow you to better organize your work. If you want to monitor events, organization of contests, management of social networks, among others.

20. Online event management

You could create event management and ticketing website to allow users to browse, create, and promote local events.

The business model could be to charge event organizers a fee in exchange for online ticketing services or other activities.

Within the site, you could add services, integrations, applications, and experiences that connect with the public towards a more enriching experience of your event.

Look at our MarketPlace where you can get the best tools for creating your business online or offline and with minimal investment

No matter what type of business (online or offline) you would like to start or how much money you have to invest, we are sure that, if you put effort, effort and dedication, you will achieve great goals.

It takes a lot of work. You have to show passion, perseverance, and a drive to succeed to overcome all challenges as they arise.

If you do, there is nothing that can stop you from joining the ranks of successful businesswomen and entrepreneurs from around the world.

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